Loh Gin Hin

Temasek Polytechnic

Dr Loh has about 20 years of tertiary teaching and educational research experience in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore and has a Doctorate in Educational Studies at the University of Sheffield (2021). His current educational interests include educational innovation, quality assurance and enhancement. As a trained microbiologist, Dr Loh is also interested in applying microbiology to ensure food safety. He also won several awards including five for Educational Innovation, namely “Academic Apprenticeship in Hospitals” together with S.C. Chew and staff from the Diploma in Biomedical Science (2008), “Teaching, learning and Assessing at the TP Animal Clinic” together with staff from the Diploma in Veterinary Technology (2013), “Enhancing Lab Demos using 3D VR Technology” with the Diploma in Biotechnology (2019), “Creating a 2-ways communication learning environment using ClassPoint” (2021) and “Hybrid Learning in ASC” (2021).

Publications and Content by Loh Gin Hin

Hybrid-Flexible Course Design