Mary Piepmeier

Columbia University School of Social Work

Mary Piepmeier, MA is an adjunct lecturer at Columbia School of Social Work (CSSW) and the Program Manager for CSSW Office of Professional Excellence (OPE) & MI Training Program. As an adjunct lecturer, Mary is a certified lab instructor for the motivational interviewing (MI) lab, a highly intensive, skills-based training lab to help prepare first year MSW students for field education. Mary has been involved with the MI labs since its inception four years ago- she contributed to the curriculum development, training of certified lab instructors, and implementation as part of the CSSW Field Education. As the Program Manager for CSSW OPE & MI Training program, Mary is responsible for identifying and overseeing the event programming to support CSSW OPE’s vision to provide innovative, high quality professional development courses to social workers and related professions. In addition to administrative support in her management role, Mary also serves as an instructor for OPE-hosted MI Training Program workshops for community members. Mary has also co-authored publications on MI in brief intervention, medication adherence, and alcohol pharmacology treatment trials. Mary has also authored and presented on best practices and tools for skills-based training for online MSW students. Mary holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from New School for Social Research.

Publications and Content by Mary Piepmeier