Jerusalem Rivera-Wilson, Ph.D.

University at Albany

Dr. Jerusalem Rivera-Wilson, Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development for the School of Education and the Academy for the Advancement of Teaching, Leadership, and Schools in the School of Education, University at Albany For over 30 years, Dr. Rivera-Wilson has been involved in some facet related to the profession of teaching. She joined the School of Education in 1996 and served as the Senior Faculty Associate and Director of Clinical Training and Field Experiences. In addition to the oversight of the clinical components for the Master of Science and Secondary Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Programs, she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in educational psychology, assessment, secondary education. Her research interests include progressive education, pre-service and in-service professional development, higher education, and alternative assessment practices. Dr. Rivera-Wilson is very active at the state and national level in teacher education and professional development.

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