Paul'e Ruwhiu

Massey University

Paulè A. Ruwhiu is a lecturer based at Massey University, in the College of Health, School of Social Work at the Albany Campus, Auckland, New Zealand, however, also teaches on Palmerston North campus. Her social work background includes Māori mental health and tertiary teaching both in a polytechnic and university settings. Paulè has specific interests in decolonisation, transmission of te ao Māori knowledge and intergenerational patterns for Māori. Her PhD was on the process of decolonisation and the experiences of Māori social workers and Māori social work students. Paulè has published in various social workbooks and journal articles as a sole author and co-author. The topics have been around mana-enhancing practice, Māori Mental Health and the Rise in Iwi Social Services. Paulè was involved in the working group for Social Work Registration Board (SWRB) to discuss the Scope of Practice for social work. Paulè’s future ambitions and goals are to keep publishing as a contributor to Māori Scholarly literature and to offer decolonisation programmes throughout Aotearoa New Zealand for professionals.

Publications and Content by Paul'e Ruwhiu