Editing a Chapter

Different Ways to Edit Chapters

The following video provides a simple overview of three different ways chapters can be edited. 

Thumbnail for a video on editing chapters.
Thumbnail of a YouTube video for how to edit a chapter on EdTech Books.

Watch on YouTube https://edtechbooks.org/-DqA

Chapter Locks

If a chapter has been edited and not saved before you attempt to edit that chapter, you may see a screen like the image below. 

Screenshot of a possible lock screen.

You can also see which chapters are locked by checking for a lock icon next to the chapter on the book's cover page (see image below).

Screenshot of a cover page with a lock symbol next to a chapter.

If you encounter a chapter lock, check with the contributor who last edited the chapter to ensure their work is saved first. Once they have saved their work, you will be able to refresh your webpage and start editing.  


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