Each book has its own media library that all chapters in the book share. To upload images to the book's media library, navigate to the book's home page and click on the media library button at the top of the page.

Media library icon
Media Library Icon

When uploading images, be sure that each desired image has a unique name. Uploading an image with the same name as a previously uploaded image will give the new image a new name. If you would like to update an image across an entire book, simply delete the image from the media library first and then upload the updated version with the same name.

Once an image is in the media library, it can be embedded in any chapter by editing the chapter, clicking on the "Insert/edit image" button, and selecting the image's name from the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, if an image is already hosted on another website on the internet, a chapter author can hotlink to it by pasting the image's URL directly into the image embed window. When saving the chapter, if the system detects that the image is hosted on another site, it will attempt to automatically download it and save it on EdTech Books.