The Reading API for this site allows users and apps to access book and chapter objects in JSON format. The url for the Read API is the site's base url plus "api.php" (e.g., https://edtechbooks.org/api.php).

Two types of objects may be requested via the Read API: (a) a book or (b) a chapter. Book calls require the book variable, which will look up the book based upon the unique "short name" provided. Chapter calls require both the book variable and the chapter variable, which will look up the chapter based upon the unique "short name" for each.


The API may be used to display content in your own site or app provided that you include proper attribution for the content and the hosting site. This can easily be done by displaying the suggested citation for the book or chapter.

Data Structure

The platform uses three main data object types: authors, books, and chapters. Other objects are also sometimes used, such as glossary terms.


Variable Type Status Default Description
action string optional read Specify the action to be performed. If no action is specified, the API will attempt to return a book or chapter.
book string optional - The short name of the book, which is the path of the book's base or cover url. For example: http://edtechbooks.org/qualitativeinquiry
chapter string optional - The short name of the chapter, which is the last part of the chapter's url. For example: http://edtechbooks.org/qualitativeinquiry/storyanalysis
glossary_term string optional - The anchor name of the glossary term.
glossary_term_id int optional - The term_id of the glossary term.
term string optional - Specify a search term for some actions.
limit integer optional 10 Specify a limit. Maximum: 200
offset integer optional 0 Specify an offset for pagination purposes.
key string unused - The Reading API currently does not require a key.


Options for the action variable include the following:


To request the book object for https://edtechbooks.org/k12handbook, the API call would be:


To request the chapter object for https://edtechbooks.org/k12handbook/connectivism, the API call would be:


To request the glossary term "constructivism" in https://edtechbooks.org/k12handbook, the API call would be:


To search for books with the term "education" in the title, the API call would be:


To search for an author with the name "Royce," the API call would be:


App Structure Example

An example of a simple app that accessed books on this site might follow this structure:

  1. A home page that called https://edtechbooks.org/api.php?action=search_books to return all available books (with short names).
  2. If a book is selected, https://edtechbooks.org/api.php?book=[book_short_name_here] is called with the appropriate short name.
  3. If a chapter is selected, https://edtechbooks.org/api.php?book=[book_short_name_here]&chapter=[chapter_short_name_here] is called with the appropriate short name.


The API currently does not require a key, but that could change as the site and its services develop. For more information on future plans for the API or to request a key, please contact the site administrator.

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