Actividad auditiva - Capítulo 2

Click on the following link. Listen to how each speaker describes himself or herself. Note their country of origin. Then respond to the questions below.

Note: For the purposes of developing your “ear” for Spanish, you should click on the N at the top right so that you cannot see the transcript. You should try to catch the answers to the questions by listening three times. All listening sections on tests will be heard three times.

At this site, you may click on “V: Related vocabulary” to see words that are used in the videos but are not on our vocabulary list. Many speakers use the verb medir to measure. It is an e to i stem changer, so "mido" means I measure. Remember that most speakers use the metric system. So "mido 1.75" means I measure 1.75 meters or, as we would say, I am 5.7 feet tall.


María Maybery:

José A:

Sol P:

Andrés (Alberto) V.

José G.

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