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  • Cultura: Capítulo 1

    El español en el mundo

    Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries and Map with Spanish-speaking countries in color

    Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries by attanatta is licensed under CC BY.

    Veinte países con español como lengua oficial y un territorio

    Geografía de países hispanohablantes (Tu escuela de español, YouTube):

    Watch the video and respond to the following questions. 

    La diversidad en el mundo español o hispano-latino

    Colorful graffiti on side of building with different people, including three happy children in the center
    "Unidad en la diversidad" by Juegasiempre is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

    Read this article: Trayectos: Hablemos de cultura: español y sus protagonistas 

    Respond to these questions. (You do not need to do the activities entitled "Tu turno" in Trayectos.) 

    1. What are the three types of ties that unite the Spanish-speaking world?  
    2. What is the difference between Hispanic and Latino/a/x?  
    3. Briefly define each of the following terms: 
      1. Tejano/a 
      2. Boricua 
      3. Chicano/a/x 
      4. Bicho/a 
      5. Blaxican 
      6. Afro-Latinx 
    4.  The article talks about the African Diasporas in Latin America. Briefly describe in your own words how Africans have influenced the people and culture of Latin America. 
    5.  The article also discusses East Asian Diasporas in Latin America.  Briefly describe in your own words how Asians have influenced the people and culture of Latin America. 
      Book cover with woman holding ear of corn, Viaje por la invisibilidad de los afromexicanos
      "Viaje por la invisibilidad de los afromexicanos / Eduardo Luis Espinosa" by bhumanidades is licensed under CC BY 2.0.
      Women in traditional costume dancing in a parade
      "50° Aniversario de la Asociación del Sudeste Asiático (ASEAN)" by Cancillería del Perú is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

    Extra: Los acentos de los países hispanohablantes

    All the Accents of Spanish Speaking Countries (Academia SOSA, YouTube)

    This is an optional video that is about 20 minutes long.  If you have the interest, it shows you some of the many dialects of the Spanish speaking world.

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