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¡Bienvenidos a Ventanas abiertas I!

This book is the first in our introductory sequence of the Spanish language. We designed it to accompany our Spanish 101 course at Gettysburg College. In it you will find sections on vocabulary, grammar, and culture, all with helpful links and videos to enhance student learning. Each chapter provides an introductory statement on its specific learning objectives as well as links to the individual lessons. In turn, at the end of each lesson there are communicative activities to work on in the classroom. 

This text is an OER remix, which means that in addition to creating our own material, we remixed and adapted materials from other openly licensed textbooks and other source material. The sources are cited at the end of each chapter (if there is nothing cited, that means the chapter is our own original creation). Here are the main texts: 

We are excited to join the Creative Commons community and share our text with you:

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This textbook exists because of the generous support of individuals and institutions. We would like to thank the OER community, especially Janelle Wertzeberger (Assistant Dean and Director of Scholarly Communications at Musselman Library) and Mary Elmquist (Scholarly Communications Librarian at Musselman Library) for their guidance along with our institution, Gettysburg College, for its commitment to open resources and inclusive learning and pedagogy.

This project received financial support from the Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts (PCLA; through funding provided by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation) and the Pennsylvania Grants for Open and Affordable Learning (PA GOAL; through funding provided by the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund [GEER] by the state Department of Education [PDE] through the Office of Commonwealth Libraries [OCL]). 


A Note for Teachers

If you are interested in using part or all of our textbook in your classes, please do! We have supplemental material to accompany the lessons, and we are happy to share it with you. This includes in-class and homework activities, as well as H5P activities to accompany all vocabulary and grammar lessons. Since these are teacher resources, we ask that you contact us for access to them.

This content is provided to you freely by EdTech Books.

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