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Los adjetivos posesivos

mi, mis  


tu, tus  

your (singular, informal) 

su, sus 

his, her, its, your (singular, formal) 

nuestro, nuestra, nuestros, nuestras 


vuestro, vuestra, vuestros, vuestras 

your (plural, informal) 

su, sus 

their, your (plural, formal) 


  1. Possessive adjectives agree in terms of number with what is being possessed, not the owner. 
  2. Nuestro and vuestro also must agree in gender with what is being possessed. 


  • mis computadoras / my computers 
  • su computadora / their computer (note that su is singular because it refers to one computer, even though there is more than one person doing the possessing) 
  • nuestro proyector / our projector 

Vídeo: Los posesivos átonos (ProfeDeELE) 


Actividades de conversación

Actividad 1. Las posesiones de las personas.  

State what each person below has, using the appropriate possessive adjective. All images found in this activity are from PxHere and are licensed under CC0 - PD.

Modelo:  Miriam

Writing in a notebook with a pencil

Miriam tiene su lápiz y su cuaderno. 

  1. Tú y yo

Two people walking down street with backpacks on

  1. Yo 
Writing in notebook with pen
  1. Ella
Stylish woman playing and Epiphone SG guitar
  1. Usted 
Two pizzas in a wood-fired oven

  1. Tú 

Four cell phones on a table

  1. Esteban y Juana 

Mac computer

Actividad 2. New encounters.  

Think of at least four questions using possessive adjectives that you would ask a new roommate when meeting them for the first time. Ask your partner these questions, and write down their answers using appropriate possessives. Each of you will take turns doing this. Then, pretend you are meeting a new professor for the first time, and repeat the process. Make sure you use the appropriate possessive adjectives! Be prepared to share your partner’s answers with the class. 

Vocabulario útil: dirección electrónica, número de teléfono, clase favorita, actor favorito, autor favorito, familia 

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