Contentment with Life Assessment Scale (CLAS)

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This scale assesses wellbeing through measuring contentment and fulfillment, along with the self-discrepancies individuals feel towards their life. It is a brief 5-item survey with responses  on a 7-point scale. Appropriate for anyone, it requires only a citation for use. Test reliability can be found in Lavallee et al. (2007).

Pros for Schools

Cons for Schools


Possibly too short for a robust understanding (5-items)
Less tested than other measures

Suggestions for Further Research

Lavallee, L. F., Hatch, P. M., Michalos, A. C., & McKinley, T. (2007). Development of the contentment with life assessment scale (CLAS): Using daily life experiences to verify levels of self-reported life satisfaction. Social Indicators Research, 83, 201-244. 

MIDSS. Contentment with Life Assessment Scale (CLAS). Measurement Instrument Database for the Social Sciences.

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