EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Well-being

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The EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Well-being follows the EPOCH definition of wellbeing as an amalgam of five: engagement, perseverance, optimism, connectedness, and happiness. Students complete this 20-item survey by responding on a 5-point Likert scale to statements such as “I feel happy . . . In uncertain times, I expect the best . . . I am a hard worker” (Kern). This measurement has been tested with adolescents of different socioeconomic situations across Australia and the United States, including juvenile offenders, students, and patients in hospitals. It requires a citation for any publication, and completion of a registration form on Kern’s website (linked below) for use.

Pros for Schools

Cons for Schools

20 questions
Valid and reliable
Tested across different socioeconomic conditions
Available in Chinese, German, Spanish, and Turkish

No online programs to assist in administering or scoring

Suggestions for Further Research

Kern, P. (n.d.). Questionnaires. www.peggykern.org/questionnaires.html 

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