The Omnibus T-Scale

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The Omnibus T-Scale measures teachers’ trust in principals, clients (both parents and students), and colleagues. It defines trust as consisting of five factors: benevolence, reliability, competence, honesty, and openness. This survey contains 26 Likert items and has been tested in elementary schools in the U.S. Midwest. It can be used free of charge; the scoring key is online at .

Pros for Schools

Cons for Schools

Widely tested in elementary schools

Measures only one factor (trust) of school climate

Suggestions for Further Research

Hoy, W. K. (n.d.). Faculty trust: The Omnibus T-Scale. 

Hoy, W., & Tschannen-Moran, M. (2002). The conceptualization and measurement of faculty trust in schools: The omnibus T-scale. In C. Miskel & W. K. Hoy, (Eds.), Studies in leading and organizing schools, pp. 181-208. University of South Florida.

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