The PedsQL Measurement Model

This measure is for childrenThis is a free measure

The PedsQL assesses wellbeing from a clinical perspective across four domains: physical, emotional, social, and school functioning. It includes a model for children Ages 2 to 18 and a separate parent proxy report. It is reliable and valid, and it is responsive to clinical changes over time. It contains 23 items rated on a 0-4 Likert scale by the frequency each statement accurately describes the child’s life. The PedsQL can be completed in about 4 minutes. It has been previously used in a sleep and wellbeing intervention for elementary students (Quach, 2011). This questionnaire has been translated into multiple languages, including broadcast Spanish. It is free for non-academic use, which would probably include most school leaders (ePROVIDE, 2019).

Pros for Schools

Cons for Schools

Proxy report option
Valid and reliable
Appropriate for Ages 2-18
Available in multiple languages
Short (23 items/4 items)
No cost

Some translations lack ”full linguistic validation process” (ePROVIDE, 2019)

Suggestions for Further Research

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