Student Engagement Instrument (SEI)

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Cognitive and psychological engagement is the focus of this instrument, intended for students in Grades 6-12 along with school staff. The first SEI version included 30 items relating to cognitive engagement, how students perceive their school experience; and 26 items relating to psychological engagement, how connected they felt. These 56 questions were grouped into six subscales: Teacher–Student Relationships, Control and Relevance of Schoolwork, Peer Support for Learning, Future Aspirations and Goals, Family Support for Learning, and Extrinsic Motivation. Students answered each item on a 4-point Likert scale (Appleton, Christenson, Kim, & Reschly, 2006). SEI has been recently adapted as a shorter version containing 35 items. It is available through the University of Minnesota as the Engage SEI online platform.

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Has been used with students Grades 3-5 and with college age students

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