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    School-Level Environment Questionnaire (SLEQ) and Revised School-Level Environment Questionnaire
    This measure is for adultsThis is a free measure

    The SLEQ is specifically designed to measure teachers’ perceptions of their school environment. Due to the evolving nature of the research, a few of the original items and scales have been changed. The SLEQ currently measures student support, affiliation, professional interest,  staff freedom, participatory decision making, innovation, resource adequacy, and work pressure. The questionnaire consists of 56 items, each scored on a 5-point Likert scale. The SLEQ is reliable and valid, and it has been used in school studies in Australia, South Africa, and the United States. A shorter revised version is available with 21 items across five  subscales: Collaboration, Decision Making, Instructional Innovation, Student Relations, and School Resources. This shorter questionnaire, which tests teacher perceptions of those categories, was found to be reliable and valid when tested with 2,558 teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools across “a large urban school district in the southwestern United States as part of a larger survey” (Johnson, Stevens, & Zvoch, 2007, p.835). The questionnaire  is free, requiring only a citation for use.

    Pros for Schools

    Cons for Schools

    Tested across South Africa, Australia, and USA
    Shorter version available

    Shorter version not yet tested widely

    Suggestions for Further Research

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    Johnson, B., Stevens, J. J., & Zvoch, K. (2007). Teachers Perceptions of School Climate: A Validity Study of Scores From the Revised School Level Environment Questionnaire. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 67(5), 833-844. doi:10.1177/0013164406299102

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