My Class Inventory-Short Form for Teachers (TMCI-SF)

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Similar to the My Class Inventory-Short Form for students, this teacher version measures satisfaction, friction, competitiveness, difficulty, and cohesion. However, the form for teachers also measures school counseling impact. It contains 30 items on a 5-point Likert scale and can be completed in about 8 minutes. The TMCI-SF requires only a citation for use. It has been found to be reliable and valid when tested with teachers across grade levels throughout the United States; several modified versions have been created, tested, and also found to be reliable and valid. More information on one modified version can be found in the research section below (Sink & Spencer, 2007).

Pros for Schools

Cons for Schools

Multiple versions with slightly different scales allow for more flexibility
Can be combined with the student version to enable a broader view of culture


Suggestions for Further Research

Sink, C., & Spencer, L. (2007). Teacher version of the My Class Inventory-Short Form: An accountability tool for elementary school counselors. Professional School Counseling, 11(2), 129-139. 

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