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    This measure is for adultsThis is a free measure

    This survey measures three cultural behaviors: professional collaboration, affiliative and collegial relationships, and self-determination/efficacy. It was designed for teachers and administrators, with 17 self-report statements scored on a 5-point Likert scale based on the frequency of occurrence. Such statements include the following: “Teachers and staff discuss instructional strategies and curriculum issues” and “Our school schedule reflects frequent communication opportunities for teachers and staff” (Wagner, 2006, p. 43).  Scoring is simple, adding up total points for each question. Scoring information given in advance may affect staff responses. The School Culture Triage Survey has been used in schools “across the United States and Canada.” A correlation has been found between high survey scores and higher state assessment scores (Wagner, 2006, p.42). Only a citation is required for use.

    Pros for Schools

    Cons for Schools

    Simple scoring
    Widely used

    Assesses only teachers’ and administrators’ perspectives of cultural behaviors

    Suggestions for Further Research

    Wagner, C. R. (2006). The school leader's tool for assessing and improving school culture. Principal Leadership, 7, 41-44.

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