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Taskeen Adam 1
#BreakOpen Breaking Open
Maha Bali 3
#BreakOpen Breaking OpenInternational Something: Why You Should Care #DigPedReproducing Marginality?
Tony Bates 2
OERs: The Good, the Bad and the UglyWhat's Right and What's Wrong about Coursera-Style MOOCs
Frances Bell 2
Digital Trespass and Critical Literacy #OER17Possible Futures for Innovation and Technology in Higher Education
Kate Bowles 3
For Now, Our OwnInternational Something: Why You Should Care #DigPedKith
Autumm Caines 2
Platform Literacy in a Time of Mass GaslightingWhat Do We Owe Students When We Collect Their Data - A Response
Lorna M. Campbell 2
Crossing the Field Boundaries: Open Science, Open Data & Open EducationExploring the Open Knowledge Landscape
Karen Cangialosi 2
Into the OpenReclaiming Disruption
Dave Cormier 2
Rhizomatic EducationThe CCK08 MOOC
Tressie McMilan Cottom 2
The Audacity: Thrun Learns a Lesson and Students PayThe Lower Ed Ecosystem: Bootcamps Edition
Catherine Cronin 2
#BreakOpen Breaking OpenOpening Up Open Pedagogy
Robin DeRosa 2
My Open Textbook: Pedagogy and PracticeOpen Textbooks? UGH.
Stephen Downes 2
An Introduction to Connective KnowledgeE-Learning 2.0
Benjamin Doxtdator 2
A Field Guide to "Jobs that Don't Exist Yet"Why We Shouldn't Let Economists Play with Education
Rob Farrow 2
Colonisers and Edupunks (&C.)Open Cyborgs at #ALTC
Michael Feldstein 1
Blackboard Patents the LMS
Christian Friedrich 1
#BreakOpen Breaking Open
Jim Groom 2
Connectivity as PovertyThe Glass Bees
Christina Hendricks 1
#BreakOpen Breaking Open
Rajiv Jhangiani 2
OER, Equity, and Implicit Creative RedliningPragmatism vs. Idealism and the Identity Crisis of OER Advocacy
Royce Kimmons 2
A History of Knowledge, Distributed Cognition, and the PhDMOOCs and Directing an Academic Field
Clint Lalonde 2
Does Open Pedagogy Require OER?Remix, Mashups, Aggregation, Plagiarism Oh My
Brian Lamb 2
InterventionsOpen Ends?
Scott Leslie 2
Planning to Share Versus Just SharingSome Observations on PLE Diagrams
Alan Levine 2
The Question Should be: Why Are You *Not* BloggingThis is Not the Online Learning You (or We) are Looking For
Sheila MacNeill 2
The Kindness of BloggingTo Lecture Capture or Not to Lecture Capture?
Scott McLeod 2
If We Were Really Serious about Educational TechnologyWe Can't Let Educators Off the Hook
Rolin Moe 2
The Golden Age of Education that Never WasWaiting for O Superman
Tannis Morgan 2
Innovation in Higher Education ... and Other Blasts from the PastOpen Pedagogy and a Very Brief History of the Concept
Paul Prinsloo 1
International Something: Why You Should Care #DigPed
sava saheli singh 2
cliqueonomicsThe Fallacy of 'Open'
Sherri Spelic 2
Inclusion AgainNobody's Version of Dumb
Bon Stewart 2
Digital Identitiessomething is rotten in the state of ... Twitter
George Veletsianos 2
A Definition of Emerging Technologies for EducationAI is Coming for Your Instructional and Learning Design Jobs, Apparently
Sukaina Walji 1
#BreakOpen Breaking Open
Martin Weller 2
25 Years of Ed TechThe Role of Personality in Education
David Wiley 2
Defining the 'Open' in Open Content and Open Educational ResourcesThe Access Compromise and the 5th R

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