• Introduction
  • 1. Innovation & Disruption
  • 2. Openness & Sharing
  • 3. Identity & Participation
  • 4. Equity & Power
  • Concluding Thoughts
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    Maha Bali

    American University in Cairo

    Maha Bali is Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching, American University in Cairo. She has a PhD in Education from the University of Sheffield, UK. She is co-founder o...
    Dave Cormier
    Dave Cormier is currently working on digital learning strategy and special projects with the University of Windsor. As a change leader, an educational researcher and learning community advocate he has...
    Catherine Cronin

    Independent scholar

    Dr. Catherine Cronin is an independent scholar whose work focuses on critical and social justice approaches in digital, open, and higher education....
    Stephen Downes

    National Research Council of Canada

    Stephen Downes is a specialist in online learning technology and new media. Through a 25 year career in the field Downes has developed and deployed a series of progressively more innovative technologi...
    Royce Kimmons

    Brigham Young University

    Royce Kimmons is an Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University where he seeks to end the effects of socioeconomic divides on educational opportunities t...
    Paul Prinsloo

    University of South Africa, South Africa

    Paul Prinsloo is a Research Professor in Open and Distance Learning in the Department of Business Management at the University of South Africa. His research focuses on distance, distance and distribut...
    George Veletsianos

    Royal Roads University, Canada

    Dr. George Veletsianos is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University. His research focuses on three strands: (1) design, development, and evalu...
    Martin Weller

    Open University of the United Kingdom

    Dr. Weller is Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University. His interests are in Digital Scholarship, open education and impact of new technologies. He has written some books, inclu...
    David Wiley

    Lumen Learning

    Dr. David Wiley is the chief academic officer of Lumen Learning, an organization offering open educational resources designed to increase student access and success. Dr. Wiley has founded or co-founde...

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