Welcome to Writing in the Social Sciences!

When we decided to create a new textbook about Writing in the Social Sciences, we made one major goal: that it NOT be boring. (You're welcome. We hope it works!) So we chose this interactive online venue with cool tech we thought you'd enjoy: embedded videos INSIDE the textbook, lots of images and graphics, embedded quiz and discussion questions, even live links so you don't have to leave the textbook to go to a web page. Plus, you can read it on a computer, tablet, and even your phone!

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My majestic office view. #nofilter (Image by the author.)

But more importantly, we tried to talk to you like people. (Again, you're welcome.) We know a lot of textbooks can sound dry and boring and far away, but we wanted to teach you like you're sitting right there in front of us. So we've added stories and analogies that come from our lives and tried to make connections to culture and experiences that you'll relate to. Because, you know, we're people, too. And isn't that why you're going into the Social Sciences? Because you dig people? So much so that you want to study them?

So to help you reach your goals, we're going to give you a window into the world of good writing. Here's the actual view from my office window as I write this. Can you believe those mountains? Well, we're going to be your guides as we climb the proverbial mountains to get the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as writers (cue song from The Sound of Music). We hope you'll do like our motto here at Brigham Young University:

Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve

We promise that if you will work hard in this course, your efforts will pay off as you emerge from this journey stronger and with a broader vision of how you can influence the world as a better writer, a better social scientist, and a better person.


Cristie Cowles Charles, Editor

Check Out the Tech

Here's some of the cool tech you'll encounter in this book. Check it out so that you know what to do when you encounter these things later.

Embedded Videos

Videos are embedded into the text so you can just click on them inside the textbook and watch them there with no ads. Don't worry, these are simply fancy links, so the creators of the videos still get to count your click for their statistics. Here's a cool three-minute video about why these young men from inner-city Chicago choose to write. Try watching it by clicking on it.

Watch on Vimeo https://edtechbooks.org/-wMe

End-of Chapter Surveys

How often do you get to tell textbook authors what you think? Now you can. And we can take it--we really want to know what you liked and didn't like or what was confusing or helpful. (Hey, if we talk the talk of seeking feedback, we should walk the walk, right?)

So please be sure to take the surveys at the end of each chapter so we can improve our own writing. It's for posterity! Here's what the four-question surveys look like. Try right now to click on the questions and give us feedback about this chapter--it should only take a couple minutes.