LA 6.5 Table Problems


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Identify and analyze linguistic patterns of development in student work to promote second language development.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 25 Minutes

Teachers can use their knowledge of the English language to assess student needs in writing. They will be able to determine strategies to teach students where they are presently as they increase their understanding of English, especially in writing.

Students are asked to do a complex, cognitively challenging task. First, the facilitator demonstrates the process; then students work with a partner while the facilitator is available for additional support. After completing this activity, students will beasked to repeat this process on their own.


  1. In pairs, analyze one sample of your own students’ work.
  2. Look for word, sentence, and discourse level errors and record them on the Language Systems Inventory.
  3. Consider what rules the learner understands and whether this student is at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced student in writing and record this on the form.
  4. Determine some implications for teaching that will enhance the student’s language development and record your thinking on the form.
  5. Answer the following questions about your student’s writing:
    1. What rules or structures does the student seem to currently have control of?
    2. On what rules or structures does the student seem to be currently working?
    3. On the basis of this work sample, atwhat stage is the student: beginning, intermediate or advanced?
    4. What should the student focus on next to support his/her language development?

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